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Profile of St Mary's University College-Twickenham London

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St Mary's University College-Twickenham London

University Profile

St. Mary’s University College has a history that can be traced way back to 1900 when the Dominican Nuns first started it to train women as teachers. However, it was only in 1985 that St. Mary’s University College as it is known today came into existence. Located in Belfast, Ireland, St. Mary’s College is composed of two faculties - the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Liberal Arts.

The Faculty of Education has two four-year Bachelor of Education degrees, one for primary and the other for secondary school teachers. It also offers a one year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course for graduates who want to teach in primary schools. The post graduate programs offered are an Advanced Certificate in Education (AdvCertEd), Diploma in the Advanced Study of Education (DASE), Master of Education (Med), and Master of Science (Msc).

The Faculty of Liberal Art offers a three-year full time BA (Honours) in Liberal Arts developed in partnership with Queen's University Belfast. This gives students access to the library and other facilities of the University.

The library has more than a hundred thousand publications and subscribes to more than two hundred journals. It is large enough for around a hundred and fifty students. There is also the provision of Internet connected computers and laptops to access the online catalogue, databases and ejournals.

As St. Mary’s University College being a Catholic Institution, also offers a Certificate in Religious Education, validated by the Church Authorities for teachers to educate Catholic children in tenets of their religion. These lectures focus on key issues in biblical studies, theology, and catechetics according to religious education programmes in Catholic schools.

There is a Student Affairs body whose main purpose is to help new students secure rooms. This committee also counsels students with regard to career, health and financial difficulties.

You can visit the St. Mary’s University College website at for more information on application details and fee structure.

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