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Profile of St John Rigby College

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St John Rigby College

College Profile

St. John Rigby College is a Catholic College that endeavours to develop and educate students so that they can achieve their full potential. It provides high quality education, intensive support and care and it considers each student as a distinct individual who needs to be nurtured with support and encouragement. The unique feature of St. John Rigby College is that students are allowed to design their own learning programmes and set demanding targets.

The college helps the students with all possible support and encouragement, so that they can achieve high targets that they have set up and thus, gain employment or move on to higher education. Moreover, the students can nurture their recreational, social, sporting, and cultural interests with the help of a wide range of enrichment activities that St. John Rigby College provides. The college also provides equality of opportunity to all the students and aims to develop good relations and cooperation with the local, international, and national communities.

The other important features of St. John Rigby College are:

  • Commitment to excellence
  • High standards of teaching and learning
  • Extensive range of facilities and learning resources
  • Wide range of enrichment activities, more than 100 full-time courses
  • Stress on development of the person as a whole
  • Extensive personal support, state-of-the-art technologies with 450 networked computers for use of the students
  • Equality of opportunity so that all students can achieve their maximum potential
  • An amiable environment

Campus Address(es)

St John Rigby College
Gathurst Road, WN5 0LJ, Wigan
Greater Manchester, North West Region
Tel: 01942 214 797, Fax: 01942 216 514


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