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Profile of South Cheshire College

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South Cheshire College

College Profile

South Cheshire College has recently been awarded the Beacon Status which signifies that its education standard is of the highest order and which places it in the league of the best colleges in the UK. Apart from excellence in education, the college is also recognised as an outstanding employer, being the first FE College to receive the Best Companies 2 star accredited status.


South Cheshire College offers hundreds of courses to its students and national qualifications can be achieved by pursuing these programmes. These qualifications are recognised by professional bodies, employers and universities. Students can choose the courses and even mix them to create their own programmes as per their tastes and aspirations. The available courses include A-Levels, AS-Levels, GNVQs, NVQs and National Diplomas.

Proper Guidance At Every Stage

One of the strong features of South Cheshire College is the effective guidance that it provides at every stage of the college education starting from the entry level. The students are helped to identify their areas of interest and to choose the courses that would prove to be most beneficial to them. This process of giving suitable suggestions continues throughout the duration of the course and even at the end of the course, proper guidance is given regarding employment or higher education.

Learning Resource Centres

South Cheshire College has many Learning Resource Centres that are fully equipped with whatever is needed by the students for supporting their studies including reference sections, project information packs, CD ROMs, photocopying, computers and Internet facilities. These are considered to be essential for completing assignments with a high level of performance and competence.

Campus Address(es)

South Cheshire College
Dane Bank Avenue, CW2 8AB, Crewe
Cheshire, North West Region
Tel: 01270 654 654, Fax: 01270 651 515


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