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Profile of Regent's College

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Regent's College

College Profile

Regent college is situated in central London and is made up of 6 different colleges. Regent college has something to offer to everyone. Check out the colleges that are there and you will know why:

European Business School

The largest business school, it offers foundation course, then undergraduate course and postgraduate course. The subjects taught here are Business Management subjects like International Business (both BA and MA Level), and Global Banking and Finance and Human Resource in MA level.

British American College And Webster Graduate College

Both the colleges offer American style curriculum for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The undergraduate courses are taught in British American College while Webster Graduate College handle the postgraduate portion. Subjects include Management, Media Studies, History, Social Science, Public Relation in the BA Level and International Relations, Finance and MBA in the postgraduate level.

Regent Business School

Regent business school follows British curriculum and offers BA level and MA level courses in subjects like Accounting, Finance, Marketing, International Business to name a few.

Physiotherapy And Counselling School

This regent college offers mainly Postgraduate courses and Doctorate level courses in physiotherapy and counselling.


This place makes learning English a fun filled affair. They have coordinated course in this college and in colleges in US. They have courses in beginners, intermediate and advanced level.

Campus Address(es)

Regent's College
Inner Circle, Regent's Park, NW1 4NS, London
Greater London, London Region
Tel: 020 7487 7505,


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