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Profile of Northern College for Residential Adult Education

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Northern College for Residential Adult Education

College Profile

The Northern College for Residential Adult Education in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University provides for continuous learning for people who are without recognised qualifications or want to revisit learning, through its residential and non-residential programmes.

The courses are tailored as per the studentsí needs and take on from what they know and their prior experience. The courses are divided into short courses and diploma programmes. The short courses are typically of 2- 3 daysí duration and the diploma programmes are of 9 months duration. The short courses often lead to a nationally recognised certificate.

The short courses are held in the areas like Computing, Self and Society, Humanities, Life Skills, and Sustainable Communities. The Diploma programmes have a broad range of subjects which are as below:

  • Sociology
  • Contemporary Labour Studies
  • European Studies
  • History
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Literature and Cultural Studies
  • Politics and Economics
  • Womenís Studies and Law
  • Psychology
  • Community Regeneration
  • Environmental Studies
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Computer Hardware and Operation
  • Database Design
  • Software Development
  • Information Systems and Business

The college gets over 4000 student registrations in a year and the ages of the students are between 21 and 70. Some of these students are single parents or with dependants, but have a will to succeed and secure for them selves a life they have been deprived of, by getting the necessary qualifications.

Campus Address(es)

Northern College for Residential Adult Education
Wentworth Castle, S75 3ET, Barnsley
South Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber Region
Tel: 01226 776 000 or 01226 776 026, Fax: 01226 776 025


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