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Profile of Loughborough College

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Loughborough College

College Profile

Loughborough College was established in 1909 as a technical institute. Since then, it has developed at a fast pace and it is known for quality and innovation worldwide. More than 8,000 students enroll every year at Loughborough College from more than 50 countries worldwide. Loughborough College provides a wide range of full-time and part-time, online, higher education, and professional courses.

Loughborough is one of the most centrally placed and well-connected towns in England. It has first-class rail and bus links with regular services to London and all other major cities.

Loughborough College works toward moulding people for the real world by sharpening the key skills and knowledge that employers are interested in.

The schools and colleges scrutiny body Ofsted and the Adult Learning Inspectorate were amazed by the College's teaching, student support, management, and value for money, awarding it a "good" rating.

The Learning Resources Centre has a wide range of books, journals, videos, and cassettes. It also has information on careers and higher education, local information, and business reports.

Loughborough College have invested generously in a network of 550 student computers, all supporting Microsoft Office 2003 and other industry-standard software.

The campus also provides other value-added facilities like beauty salons, travel agents, refreshments, fitness facilities, and so on.

Loughborough College has developed a number of links with colleges, universities, training providers, and employers in other countries. There are opportunities for visits and exchanges as well as for learning foreign languages and understanding different cultures and working practices.

Campus Address(es)

Loughborough College
Radmoor Road, LE11 3BT, Loughborough
Leicestershire, East Midlands Region
Tel: 0150 921 5831, Fax: 0150 961 8109


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